Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Have a question that we have already answers for? Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) that we get from our clients. This covers the way we do business and some queries pertaining to our products and their management.

Production Unit

Answers to the FAQs

WPC has shiny plastic looks and many architects have an aversion for anything that contains plastic. How do you counter that?

Our extrusion planks don't look and feel like plastic, it has a rough brushed finish (Deep embossed) texture on the surface. Although recycled HDPE (The polyethylene is principally recycled shrink wrap and grocery bags - all of which would otherwise end up in a landfill) is used in the manufacturing process which constitutes 25 to 30% of the total formulation used only to strengthen the density of the material.

Prices are much higher than fibre cement products with a wide range and use. How do you justify it?

Although both the materials fulfil similar applications they are both very different in terms of their composition and properties and hence would not be ideal to compare them as both serve specific purposes as per design and choice. This is a premium level Maintenance-free product meant for luxe clients which does not require any painting / polishing for 10 years post-installation.

The market has many competitors for WPC mostly from local manufacturers & china at lower prices. How can this be dealt with?

Absolutely and there always will be. Both have different markets to cater to. The answer lies in understanding whether their prices are low as per 'similar' quality or are they cheap.

What's the warranty/guarantee period for exterior use? Do you have a written warranty policy?

10 years against discolouring & delamination. Yes we do - The project site will have to be registered with us and once those details are registered with us the product will be applicable for replacement warranty if and only if all the installation guidelines are followed perfectly.

We don't have any workers under us for installation. What's the level of skills required to work with your product and who will give the training to work?

Any approved/skilled Carpenter or Fabricator/Contractor who has experience in installing materials such as ACP or Glazing or HPL will be able to execute our product as per required application upon understanding the prescribed installation guideline. All hardwares and accessories are locally available.