Why Choose PVC & Composite Decking over Traditional Decking?

Builders and architects are always concerned about high-quality materials that are used for outdoor decking. Nowadays, there are many composite materials engineered for high performance and WPC are one of them. This material helps the builder to combine functionality, utility, and aesthetics, all at the same time.

The Wood Polymer Composite (WPC) finds many outdoor applications. They are used for:

  • Floor Decking
  • Façade Cladding
  • Construction of louvers and sunshades
  • Construction of outdoor patios /pergolas
  • Construction of fences
  • Construction of balcony drops
  • Construction of duct shaft coverings

Reasons why Composite Decking is Preferred over Traditional Decking:

Traditional decking has always been done with wood. It is expensive, wood is not easily available and badly treated wood can twist and warp. WPC decking is what is being preferred by builders and architects. The reasons for this are many. Some of them are listed below:

  • Using WPC requires near zero maintenance.
  • Unlike wood, it will not twist, rot, splinter or warp.
  • WPC does not fade and also resist mold from exposure to moisture.
  • WPC can be sourced in different colors and designs.
  • The frequency of rebuilding and repair are drastically reduced when PC is used for construction.
  • WPC has high impact resistance and is scratch proof.
  • WPC does not oxidize and there is no chalky deposit because of this.
  • WPC bears a uniform shade and texture throughout the material.
  • It is eco-friendly and pollutes less.
  • It is affordable