PVC Foam Board: Enhancing Interior Designing

PVC foam board is also known by the name Chevron board. The new boards are very popular and have both outdoor and indoor applications. As the name would suggest, the board is composed of PVC or Polyvinyl Chloride. The PVC foam board is very lightweight as it is made of the lightest form of PVC and can also resist corrosion as well as moisture. It hence can be used in areas which have high moisture gradient or are exposed to water. Apart from interior design, the PVC foam boards are also used in furniture, buildings and in advertising as well. The PVC boards can be modified and worked upon so that they can get the desired shape and color. PVC boards are engraved, embossed, printed, painted, and laminated so that they can suit the building and interior designing requirements better. As we all know PVC does not degrade even after long time intervals, and the colors that the PVC foam boards have also preserved themselves for long time periods. PVC can also be easily fabricated and handled so that you can put up any structure that meets your interior design requirements and aspirations.

PVC foam boards for interior designing

The popular PVC foam sheet and boars can be used in interior designing as it is non-toxic and can be used for decorating all areas of a home including the kitchen. The affordable boards are also highly durable. You can further surface the board with laminate or acrylic, among other substances/materials so that the surfaces imitate stone, leaf, or wooden grain. Hence the PVC boards can bring to the interiors all kinds of natural, classic, retro and modern looks and aesthetics. As PVC foam boards do not contain wood, no deforestation occurs when you design and decorate any interior. PVC foam boards are made using the latest technology that modifies PVC and makes it suitable for a wide range of needs and projects. You can use the PVC foam boards in:

  • Bathroom/kitchen cabinet and furniture
  • Wall cladding
  • Partitions and walls
  • Planking of the floor of the swimming pool
  • Partitions and walls
  • Outdoor/indoor decoration
  • Architecture

Benefits of the PVC foam boards

You can use the PVC foam board in your interior designing project and in other areas with complete peace of mind as they offer many features and benefits over other materials. PVC foam boards can resist fire and water, and also resist chemicals including acids. They resist vibrations, noise, moth, and heat as well. The smooth surfaces of the boards undergo minimal scratching and hence are ideal for interior designing projects, furniture, and cabinets.

Apart from PVC foam boards that are used in interior designing projects concerning decorative panels, interior panels, and the building wall panels; they are used in other areas as well. PVC boards are used in computer lettering, screen printing, labeling, and display panels and in the facilities that are put up in the waterfront locations.