Exploring the Uses of Green Building Materials

The use of green building materials in the design and construction of a building provides for more energy savings and more efficiency towards the usage of resources. The use of new green building materials also reduces the adverse impact that a construction may cause to its environment as well as human health. Green building materials also lower the cost and ensure the least generation of waste. Some of the materials that can be termed as green materials for construction of a green building, and their uses, are being described below.

Wooden bricks: Wooden bricks are manufactured by adding the natural polymers (found in seaweed) and wool to the brick’s clay. These bricks possess 37% greater strength when compared to the traditional bricks and can also resist the cold/wet climate.

Sustainable concrete: The sustainable concrete can provide for lesser emission of the gas carbon dioxide, and hence reduce the environment warming effect. The sustainable concrete made by using crushed class and wood chips/ slag (a steel manufacturing by-product).

Solar tiles: The solar tiles can protect a building from many adverse natural and manmade impacts and agents. As they can absorb good amounts of solar energy, they are an affordable and highly efficient energy source for any building.

Paper insulation: Insulation materials can also be used in buildings and provide for a more optimal indoor temperature. The insulation paper is highly environmental friendly as it is created from recycled items including cardboards and newspapers, which are subsequently filled with foam (made of chemical). Paper insulation also possesses fire retardant properties and can resist the insects as well.

Glazed Windows: These windows have triple glazing and do not allow heat to enter inside any building. They are beneficial in instances when a cooler indoor building environment is needed. These Windows can also reduce the inflow of harmful UV (ultraviolet) rays of the sun inside the room or building.

Bamboo: Use of bamboo in place of the steel bars is also getting increasingly common towards the creation of green buildings. For instances, where the usage suffices the purpose, bamboo can be a very useful product. Its use is also environmental friendly.

Green buildings Construction Materials can provide for easier maintenance, better and higher ROI (return on investment), water and energy efficiency, and a much better indoor air quality. The green buildings are more affordable for the poor, and also provide for water conservation, temperature control, and a better health of the inhabitants.