Cladding: Beyond Aesthetics, the Unparalleled Benefits

Exterior wall cladding is a type of material, which is used to provide a layer or an extra skin. In the field of construction, it is used widely to provide weather resistance and thermal insulation. This will also improve the overall appearance of the building.

A wide range of materials is used for cladding such as wood, brick, metal, vinyl and even composite materials that may include aluminum, blends of cement, wood, recycled polystyrene, wheat or rice straw fibers and many others. Although cladding is not exactly waterproof, it acts as a control element. It can prevent infiltration into building structure.

It is not only to give extra protection, but cladding also serves as an element to control noise entering or escaping. Moreover, by design, it also helps to prevent or slow down the spread of fire.

Benefits of Cladding

Undeniably, cladding gives a new look to the building. It also adds to the overall life of the construction. It serves as the most popular alternative for renovating any exterior structure and existing building. It helps to save electricity when installed to address insulation and thermal issues. The benefits of cladding are enormous for the high story buildings.

Here follow some remarkable benefits of cladding;

  • It offers increased service life to the building structure
  • It increases the overall value of the building
  • It can improve the appearance of the building
  • It improves the thermal, natural daylight and acoustical performances
  • It helps to optimize the use of considerable thermal mass
  • It helps to eliminate internal problems
  • It offers better protection from water penetration and improves the airtightness
  • It helps to reduce the energy costs
  • It helps to reduce the overall maintenance costs involved

Besides these benefits, there are also various cladding material options available to choose according to the nature of building construction. Among the various options available, the Wooden cladding is widely used for its fine finish, look and natural appearance. It also adds to the aesthetic of the building.

Certainly, this wood wall cladding offers enormous benefits and advantages of installing. However, adopting the right approach is also crucial to achieving the maximum benefits as desired from cladding. Composite panels, rain screen cladding panels, built up cladding systems, and cement cladding are some of the popular options used in the industry. They make your investment worth whilst increasing the longevity of your building.