Fire Resistance: Why WPC Is Superior to Plywood

Undeniably, the **WPC boards **are proven to be the best option compared to the plywood especially in case of heat and moisture surrounded region like the kitchen. With the WPC being durable and have the long-lasting tendency, there is no doubt that it serves to be the best choice. This is the secured and durable materials used for construction purposes. Comprising the blend of wood fiber and thermoplastic, WPC boards are the inorganic fillers. It also comprises plastic composites. This wood plastic composite is used for high end and strong flooring options too. The WPV materials are also used for railing, fences, windows, doors, flooring, outdoor and other indoor requirements. They are used for making window frames and designer furniture too. The application of WPC is wide.

The WPC Board Manufacturer also ensures that this material is resistant to heat. This is one of the main features of WPC that it makes it be a perfect choice over plywood, especially for kitchen works.

The WPC has many advantages to offer. To point a few here follow:

  • WPC consist of plastic and wood and thus the combination of both implies WPC
  • WPC boards come with reasonable quality and thus they contain stabilizing agents, foaming agents, and modifiers that are combined with proper mixing ration. This perfect blend of materials helps to get high-quality WPC materials that are resistant to heat and moisture
  • It is possible to mold WPC to any shape and size as you want it. It is also a flexible option for designer doors and windows. There is no doubt that it can give a rich look and the new appearance for long period. It is for this reason that they are used for furniture making
  • WPC materials during the manufacturing process will undergo high-end surface treatment through the paint and thermal transfer that will make WPC doors, floors and windows flourish
  • This material is environment-friendly and thus it is safe to use. It also remains unaffected during any climatic conditions. It also provides high security from fire, water, and chemicals

Anyone looking for a durable yet a cost-effective option can certainly choose WPC for their interior works.

The WPC boards, WPC Panels are now used in modern applications such as garden fencing, outdoor fencing, solid decking, mosaic decking, hollow decking, and many other options. These boards are huge and they last longer.