A Complete Guide to PVC Foam Boards: Everything You Need to Know

The **PVC foam board, **otherwise known as Chevron board or Andy board is widely used for both indoor and outdoor applications. It comprises the chemical composition, Poly Vinyl Chloride, which is used in furniture, building, and advertising industries.

Made of lightweight and foamed PVC, this PVC foam board is moisture and corrosion resistant. It is absolutely lightweight. It is also resistant to chemicals. The overall thickness of the material will range from 6 mm to 45mm. It is feasible to engrave, emboss, paint, print, laminate and mill the surface of the foam board according to your requirements. One of the most highlighting features of this foam board is that they will not decay with time and the color remains in the same new look for a long time without fading.

Wide Uses of PVC Foam Board

The PVC foam board has a wide range of applications. To point a few, here follow;

  • Car, bus, train ceilings
  • Used in decorative, interior, and building wall panels
  • Used in commercial, residential, public and office buildings
  • Used widely in computer lettering, screen printing, and advertising
  • Used in labeling, display panel, and signs industry
  • Used in chemical corrosion engineering kitchens

Besides these various applications of **PVC foam sheet **also has remarkable features, which will increase its usability and applications.

Here are a few highlighting features of PVC foam board:

  • These PVC foam boards are fire resistant. It can resist acid, moth, heat, vibrations, noise and light
  • It is waterproof
  • It supports superior quality wood processing
  • This is an ideal substitute for the wood, aluminum and other types of composites
  • It features smooth plate surface that is hard with the minimal scratching and thus becomes ideal for cabinets and furniture
  • It also features high thermal and acoustic insulation properties
  • It is self-extinguishing and flame retardant
  • It features light texture. It is portable and can be transported easily to any location
  • Any common carpentry tools can be used on this material for working
  • This PVC foam board can also be nailed, drilled, pasted and saw or involved in any other processing

The features and applications are not limited with just the above-pointed highlights, yet they are extending widely. Its varied applications and affordable pricing make it the right choice for various processing in different industry. It