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In the previous post in our Green building Material series, we told you about WPC Floor decking. To continue forward, let’s explore into WPC Wall Cladding.

What is ‘wall cladding’?

The term ‘cladding’ generally refers to components that are attached to the primary structure of a building to form non-structural, external surfaces. They are not traditionally load bearing structures. But they do take on some forms of external shear loads like wind load and it’s self weight and transfer them to the load bearing structural frame.

What is ‘WPC Wall Cladding’?

Wall claddings for external surfaces made with Wood Plastic Composite are an excellent alternative to environmental friendly, aesthetically outdoor surfaces.  The panels are prefabricated and can be easily installed to the exterior of the building surface. They require less time to install than traditional wall claddings. They are also more efficient in terms of labour and require less intensive labour force and man hours. Like WPC floor deckings, these wall claddings also offer a wide range of applications.

What type of buildings will these suit?

These wall claddings are ideal for all types of buildings like residential houses, residential apartments, office buildings, vacation and holiday cabins, hotels and resorts. Since they give a formal yet elegant finish to the building, they are applicable to all types of buildings.



Why is using WPC Wall claddings beneficial?

There are many advantages of using WPC wall claddings.

  • WPC wall claddings are durable and offer good protection from external conditions. So, it lasts for a long time.
  • They provide good thermal insulation and therefore, extra energy need to be spent on external insulation making it energy efficient.
  • They are good for varying climatic conditions and are resilient. The texture will not deteriorate due to exposure to rains and sunshine.
  • WPC Wall Claddings are good for providing natural and good quality ventilation and circulation. This promotes good indoor air quality which is not just good for health but also can add to green building rating value as well.
  • The composition is made of reclaimed ground wood and recycled plastic which makes them eco-friendly and sustainable.
  • It is aesthetically pleasing and is good for the landscape. The wooden exterior gives the building a classy look and also a break from typical concrete buildings and will set your building apart from the crowd.


  • It is manufactured and processed with less energy and water as compared to conventional construction materials like concrete, this makes it eco-friendly and sustainable in the long run.
  • It is easy to install and easy to maintain as these are WPC panels are prefabricated and ready to install. They are lighter than conventional materials and more time and labour efficient. So it is not only environmentally sustainable but also economically feasible.


  • They come in different forms and are easy to mould and shape, which makes it ideal for even buildings with sharp edge corners and bent surfaces.
  • It adds on to the Green Building Rating of your building by-
    a)Improving air quality.
    b)Being energy efficient since there is reduced energy usage in the manufacturing of the WPC wall claddings.
    c)Adding aesthetic value.
    d)Improving social landscape.
    e) Using reclaimed and recycled materials.
    f) Reducing the time for installation and maintenance.




How to purchase this product?

It is important to use high quality WPC wall claddings to ensure that all the benefits mentioned above can be used to their full potential.

Straton Group offers high quality WPC Wall claddings. Click here to check out the exciting range of finishes and colours.

Using WPC Wall Claddings from Straton Group gives added advantages. The material does not become mouldy during rains and they retain their finish and colour for a longer period of time. It retains its finish and colour through prolong periods of sunshine as well. This makes it extremely easy to maintain and the frequency of maintenance also decreases.

Furthermore, WPC Wall Claddings that are offered by Straton Group is certified by ISI, GreenGuard, FSC, NFS,Nova Certifications, SGS, SGS Global Services, BSCI, Interek, SGS Certified Recycled Content, Healthy Building Material, etc. Click here to see the entire list of certifications and products offered by Straton Group.

Need to get in touch?

Email –info@stratongroup.com; Contact: +91-9941312474

Always remember, Sustainability is the only way forward!

-Straton Group

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