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In our previous posts, we told you about sustainable green building materials. With this post, lets go a step further and have a look at what it truly means to be sustainable in the construction field with some real-time, inspiring and innovative examples from India!

  • Plastic Roads:

Want to take your car for a spin on a plastic road? Go to Jambulingam Street in Chennai, India! It is the first environmentally conscious road built in India! Built as a response to the growing problem of plastic accumulation and litter menace, this road is made of cheap, polymer glue made from shredded waste plastic. This idea is inspired from European roads which are made of adding flexible materials to strengthen tar roads.
This idea was further improved, by adding road scrap to plastic-coated gravel on the highway the connects Chennai to Villupuram. It is the first time that such a road made from plastic, was used for a national highway! This was developed by Dr R Vasudevan, a chemistry professor and dean at the Thiagarajar College of Engineering in Madurai.



-Reduced environmental plastic waste.

-Reduced accumulated waste.

-Reduced GHG released for disposing the plastic.

-Roads are more durable and do not get affected by moisture.

-They do not develop rutting, ravelling or flat edges.

-Not very expensive.

  • Houses made of bamboo and plastic bottles:

India has a housing problem. And a waste management problem. What better way to battle these two than to combine them? -Houses made from plastic bottles!

The houses are made from bamboo and used up plastic bottles. Bamboo beams and columns are used instead of conventional steel. Very minimal cement is used. Plastic bottles are filled with mud and are places in a vertical and horizontal manner. Cow dung is used as the plaster and filler, mixed with cement. Prashant Lingam and his wife, Aruna Kappagantula have built a house with plastic bottles and bamboo in Hyderabad.

Bottle and bamboo house-construction stage

bottle- 1

Bottle and bamboo house-After completion

-Cheap and affordable. A house built this way costs just above INR 50,000!
-Easy to build.
-Does not take too much time or effort.
-Helps is reducing environmental waste impact.
-Reduces plastic accumulation in the environment.
-Provides thermal insulation.

  • Green and Solar Reflectance Index roof:

With roof covered with vegetation, Hotel Leela Palace, New Delhi and CII- Godrej GBC in Hyderabad have created artificially modified surfaces that have the potential to deliver high solar reflectance (the ability to reflect the visible, infrared and ultraviolet wavelengths of the sun, reducing heat transfer to the surface) and high thermal emitting (the ability to radiate absorbed, or non-reflected solar energy). Hotel Leela Palace in Delhi also has a Solar Reflectance coating which further mitigates local microclimatic conditions.


  • Materials that can be recycled and reused:

Asphalt: Used up asphalt is crushed ad recycled back into new asphalt that can be used again for construction new roads.

Wood: Reused timber and wood have a lot of applications like flooring, wall boards etc.

Removed gypsum: Can be used in cement industry, new drywall manufacturing.

Building materials: When building are demolished or renovated, there are a lot of waste produced. They can be recycled and can be used for other construction projects. Example: Reprocessed concrete can be used for roads.


Advantages of recycling and reusing materials in the construction field:

-Reduced project costs.

-Reduced production of GHG’s.

-Reduced landfill stress.

-Energy is saved in manufacturing new products and in disposing old ones.

-Reduced environmental impact.

-Employment opportunities are created.

Green materials are clearly the way to build a sustainable built environment.

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Always remember, Sustainability is the only way forward!

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