CNC Engraving Machine

It is the state of art of the most modern technologies and the essence of most innovative invention of science that has made wide range of possibilities of various applications on different materials. Now it is possible to create new and different products using a far wider variety of materials. With the wide range of tools, now it is possible to engrave or cut on variety of materials.

Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) is the process of machining physical objects from 2D or 3D digital information. The process of CNC engraving is a two-step procedure. The first step is creating or making a tool path, the process of translating 3D or 2D computer model into series of ‘paths’ for the CNC mill cutter to follow as it excavates the model from block of raw materials. The second step of the procedure is the actual machining which involves translating tool path into commands to small stepper or servo motor in the machine with the help of ball screws that move the machine incrementally in the X, Y and Z directions.

With the availability of range of tools, it has become possible to use these CNC engraving machines in varieties of applications like wood industries, sign industries, engineering industries, plastic industries, etc.

Materials Usable

Wood, Brass, Aluminium, Aluminium Composite Panel, Acrylic, Plastic, Rubber, Synthetic Stone (Artificial Marble), Back-lit Hylam, Foam Board, Sandwich Plastic Sheet and many more.

Tech Specs

An area often neglected by engravers is the selection and maintenance of Cutter. Using very best of equipment’s and materials can be a waste if you are not making sure that your cutters are right for the job and correctly ground.

There are mainly two grades of cutters. They are:

  1. High Speed Steel (HSS) cutters: These cutters are made of selected grades of high speed steel and they are heat treated and tapered.
  2. Tungsten Carbide Cutters: These cutters are made from Tungsten carbide materials and they at least last for 2 to 3 times as long as the HSS range.

All the engraving tools and milling tools are available in HSS and tungsten Carbide.

Applications of Straton CNC Engraving Machine:

Electrodes for Spark Erosion, Punch Dies for Steel, Control Panels, Vacuum Forming Dies, Architectural Models, Prototyping, PCB Punch Dies, Engraving for Rubber Stereos, Engraving for Rubber Stamps, Flexo Printing Plates, Name Plates, Articles, Articles in Wood, Inlay Work, Sign-making

Performance and Features

  • Heavy duty frame structure
  • X, Y and axis are driven by AC SERVO motor (YASAKAWA) which gives more accuracy and   speed than our LX Series and RX Series CNC Routers.
  • High positional accuracy, heavy work load and long life is ensured by HIWIN brand 30 mm square linear guide ways.
  • Original Italian spindle gives you very stable, trouble-free, maintenance-free performance for long period of time.
  • Fast speed and high accuracy ensured by gear transmission equipped on CNC router.
  • Periodic lubrication maintenance provided by Automatic Lubrication System which gives long life to mechanical parts.
  • Axis drives system: X, Y – Rack. Z – Ball Screw.
  • Working table is covered with rigid PVC sheet for long life of aluminium T slot table.