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Green building materials are the need of the hour to revolutionise the construction industry and aid in environmental protection. With our series on Green Building materials , we aim to spread knowledge about the advantages of such materials as a replacement to conventional building materials.

In the third installation of this series, we are going to be focusing on one of the most effective green building materials that has numerous advantages and applications- PVC Foam boards.

PVC is the acronym for Poly Vinyl Chloride, which is a synthetic thermoplastic material made by polymerizing vinyl chloride. The vinyl chloride monomer (VCM) is formed by combining tow key ingredients: ethylene (obtained from oil) with Chlorine (produced from the electrolysis of salt water). VCM molecules are polymerised to form PVC resin, to which appropriate additives are incorporated to make a customised PVC compound.
Like PVC, closed-cell PVC foamboard is solid and has a very rigid structure. However, it is lighter due the foam infused into it. It is one of the most popular green building materials. Why is it so popular though? —Because it is a very effective and efficient replacement of wood!


Here’s why PVC Foam Boards are a good (maybe even better) alternative for Plywood!

-PVC Foam Boards can be cut as easily as wood.

-Common carpentry tools can be used for working on the material.

-PVC foam board can be subject to nailing, sawing, drilling, pasting and other types of processing.

-Suited to heat bending, folding and thermoforming.

-Easy fabrication, handling and cutting.

-Has high thermal and acoustic insulation properties

-It is flame retardant and self-extinguishing.

-It is resistant to mould and mildew and has non-moisture absorbent and anti-shock qualities.

-Colours of the foam are long lasting with minimal fading.

-Texture is light and portable. Can be constructed and transported easily.

-Fire resistant, water proof and resists moth, acid, heat, light, vibrations and noise.

-Superior quality of wood processing.

-They have a long life and are recyclable.

These boards have good mechanical strength and toughness which makes it suitable for building and construction purposes. Furthermore, it is lighter than traditional wood, which makes it easier to work with. Less effort, man power, time and energy is spent into the construction process.

PVC sheets are resistant to weathering, chemical rotting, corrosion, shock and abrasion. Which is why it is perfect for outdoor usage as well.

PVC sheets are non-toxic. It is a safe material and a socially valuable resource that has been used for more than half a century.

PVC Foam boards do not conduct electricity and is therefore an excellent material to use for electrical applications such as insulation sheathing for cables.

PVC Foam boards have such a versatile range of applications as well.

They can be used for:

Signage & Advertising

PVC Signs boards, letter displays, decoration of shops, windows, PVC exhibition stands etc.

Building Sector

Shop fitting, interior decoration, zones of high humidity (bathroom etc.) air-conditioning and ventilation systems, heat and sound insulation, PVC shutter ply etc.


Benches, PVC doors, windows, PVC tables, counters, PVC cabinets, PVC wardrobes, shelves, cots, dressing tables etc.

Prefabricated Huts

Instant solution for your need of Houses, Site Offices, Class Rooms, Bath Rooms, Hospitals, Camp Sites, Terrace Rooms, Beach Houses, Security Rooms, Cellular Phone Shelters, Farm Houses etc.

Electrical Engineering

Switch cabinets, channels for cables & wires, control panels.

Exterior Use

Garden partitions, PVC railings, sidings, letter cuttings etc

Interior Use

PVC Wall cladding, inner partitions, flooring, ceiling, false ceilings, wall designs etc.

They can be used in all aspects, from outdoor uses, to doors and windows, to interior uses like vanity cabinets! Its versatilely is  what makes it unique!



Another interesting application of PVC boards , that are sometimes overlooked, is it’s capability to be used in several types of DIY projects. They can be cut, shaped and welded which makes installation easier and usage easier, thereby making it easy for even normal people with no carpentry or construction knowledge to work with.  It is also easy to fabricate using saw, drill, & power sanders using these boards. Another added advantage that makes it ideal for DIY projects are its ready acceptance to adhesives.


Several DIY projects for which PVC Foam Boards can be used are garden vertical racks for growing creepers and also for decorative purposes. They can be used as wall decor, for making models, restaurant’s can use them for outdoor menu boards, DIY furniture and shelves, storage racks and such.


To get the best benefits of using PVC Foam Bords, it is important to use high quality materials.

Where to get them?

Straton Group offers high quality PVC Foam boards in different finishes and colours that can be used for varied applications. Using PVC Boards from Straton gives you the following advantages:

-It requires very less maintenance and care.
-It works well in all climatic conditions.
-Saves time in installation and machinability.
-Enhanced thermal insulation capacity which makes it an energy conserving Green Building material that will assist in enhancing the project/ the building’s green building rating.
-It has a low volume to mass ratio which makes it easy to handle and use.
-It is highly homogenous in nature.
-It has both aesthetic and structural value.
-It does not give out any harmful emissions.
-It has UV stabilisers as one of its additive which makes it ideal for exterior usage.

Furthermore, Straton Group offers custom made board sizes which will reduce wastage of materials. This makes it furthermore sustainable.

The PVC Boards offered by Straton Group are certified by several certifications like: ISI, ISO and military engineering services. Click here to see the entire list of certifications and products offered by Straton Group.

pvc cover

Watch this video to find more about the Workablity and features of Straton’s PVC Foam Boards.

There are several finishes and models form which you can select. Click here to check it out!
Have queries? Need to know more or get in touch?

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Sustainability in Architecture & Design is the way forward and we at Straton realize this vision by collaboratively engineering  Exterior and Interior finishing products and solutions in India for the building industry specifically enhancing green building ratings (LEED/IGBC) by the use of eco-friendly/green building materials that promote efficiency and endure unswerving growth. Click here to know more.

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Always remember, Sustainability is the only way forward!

-Straton Group

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