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Laminated wooden flooring is a multi-layer synthetic flooring material which is fused together in a lamination process. The composition is predominantly composed of resin and fibre board. It is composed of several layers. To be more precise, generally there are four layers.

The first is called the Backing layer or simply just the ‘backing’. It is the base layer of the laminated wooden floor board. This layer is responsible for resisting moisture. This helps in eliminating the tendency of the board to bounce.

After the backing layer, the ‘inner core’ layer is placed.It is usually composed of high density fibre boards that is infused and reinforced with resins. This layer also contributes to moisture resistance. In addition to that, it also contributes to the durability of the flooring.

Next is the design layer, the design is chosen and applied to add to the aesthetic appeal. This is then covered with the top layer, also known as the wear layer. This is the layer that helps in protecting the flooring from scratches, fading, wear and tear.



There are several advantages and benefits of using laminated wooden flooring. Some of them are as listed below:

  • Durability:  Laminate ensures that the flooring surface is scratch resistant and durable. Therefore, it is a good investment which endures for a long time. It is also better for houses where there are a lot of children and pets, since it has good resistance to wear and scratches.
  • Installation is easy: Laminated wooden floorboards are provided with interlocks in their design which makes installation easy. In fact, it is easier to install these boards as compared to other types of flooring, since the other typical flooring installation requires to be glued, taped or nailed. It is so easy to install laminated boards that you can even install them as a DIY project (Do it Yourself).
  • Prices: It is more economic to use laminated boards since they are quintessentially cheaper than the typical conventional flooring materials, but they offer added advantages at the same time.
  • Time saved: The ease of installation of the floor boards make them time and man power efficient. The design with interlocks makes the process of installation not only easier, but also faster. Therefore, man power and time is saved as compared to laying other floor types.
  • Range of surfaces it can be used on: These boards can be laid on any type of pre-existing sub floor. They can be laid on concrete flooring, or vinyl flooring. This is an added advantage over traditional hardwood boards.
  • Maintenance is easy: Laminated wooden floor boards are easy to clean. In fact, you don’t even require a wet mop. Dry mopping is efficient enough to clean the surface. The frequency of cleaning needed is also quite less. The backing layer and the inner core makes it moisture resistant, and this prevents the growth of moulds.
  • Allergy prevention: There are a lot of people who have dust allergies. Using a traditional wooden board for flooring, which has small cracks and crevices act as a collection base or a trap for dust particles to settle. However, the lamination of the laminated wooden floor board prevents this collection and therefore it makes the building a more healthy place.
  • Green Building rating: Using laminated wooden flooring adds and increases the rating of your green building. This is because it is a green material, but it is also time efficient and manpower efficient. It is easy to install and maintain, and it also adds to the air quality and healthy living conditions of the interior of the building.


Why is laminated wooden flooring better than hardwood?

Hardwood Laminated wooden flooring
Cost Expensive Less expensive
Maintenance Hard Easy
Installation Takes time Time efficient
Wear and tear Minimal/ mediocre resistance Good/ high resistance.
Colours Typically limited to colour of wood. Larger colour range
Exposure to moisture Minimal exposure allowed Is moisture resistant
Exposure to sunlight Can take only minimal exposure Retains texture and is durable on high exposure.
Resistance to termites Termites can eat up wooden floor boards Termites will not affect the surface.


These floor boards can practically be installed in any indoor environment. Wooden flooring provides aesthetic value to the building, but it has its disadvantages like the difficulty in cleaning, dust collection etc. However, laminated wooden flooring, on the other hand, not only provided the aesthetic aspect but also ensured that the problems associated with using hardwood are eliminated.
These boards can be used for office buildings, residential houses, commercial and educational institutions, resorts and hotels, recreational centres, fitness centres (like dance institutions, aerobics classes etc).

What you should now before buying them:

The advantages and benefits of laminated wooden floor boards mentioned above is applicable to high quality boards. To check if the board is of good quality, it is important to know the abrasion cycles that it can take. Some boards have a lot threshold level for abrasion. The way to find this is to know the ‘class’ of the board. AC3, AC4 etc are good quality boards. This means that the flooring can take upto 3000 cycles for AC3 and 4000 cycles of abrasion for AC4.  So ensure that you buy high and good quality laminated floor boards, to get the best of the numerous benefits that these boards offer.

Where can you buy them?

Straton Group offers high quality laminated wooden flooring.AC3 and AC4 classes are offered in various vibrant colours and finishes! Click here to check them out.
These products come with a fifteen year warrantee. They are of high density, and therefore they ensure high durability, high levels of moisture resistance, high resistance to wear and tear and are very easy to clean and maintain.

The laminated wooden floor boards come with predesigned good quality interlocking facilities and they are also certified by CE and FSC. The wood used is of international approved quality and are manufactured in Turkey. Straton Group  offers high quality boards at very affordable prices.
Click here to check the full brochure.


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