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Green composites materials are the next generation of sustainable composite materials and combine natural fibres with natural resins to make light and strong composites that are recyclable or biodegradable.
Composites, are usually made of two or more materials. Composites combine these different matters in differing ratios. The benefits of using composite materials is that they combine the advantages of the primary materials added.

In this blog post, we’re going to analyse the benefits of using green composite materials and compare them to conventional building materials.
In our previous blog posts, we elaborated upon two such green composite materials- WPC and PVC.
With this blog post, we are going to compare such green composite materials against conventional materials. 

Some examples of typical Green Composite Building Materials:

-WPC-Wood Plastic Composte

-PVC-Poly Vinyl Chloride 

-FCP- Fibre Composite Panels

-FRP-Fibre Reinforced Plastic etc.

Some examples of typical conventional materials:





Let us take some few assessment criteria to being our comparative analysis.

The comparison between conventional and composite materials will be done in the following aspects:





-Environmental performance



Lets begin with cost comparison
The cost of conventional materials on an average is more expensive than composite materials.
Not only is the cost of purchasing them cheaper, they also require less expenses for maintenance.
Buildings made primarily of composite materials are cheaper and more cost effective then buildings made of only conventional materials.

Of course, this doesn’t mean all composite materials are very cheap. Some are cheaper than others. Some composite materials are on the expensive side too. But on a whole, while taking an average, composite green building materials are more cost efficient.


Green composite materials consume less time to manufacture and fabricate. They also require less energy to manufacture them. Green materials involve to a large extent the usage of reused and recycled materials. So the energy spent in manufacturing and fabricating these materials, are to a certain extent cancelled out by the energy that would have been spent in disposing these materials from our environment. Furthermore, the embodied energy (which is the energy consumed in manufacturing and transporting a product) for a composite material, is lesser than that on conventional construction materials.

It is a widely known fact that green composite building materials are lighter and this makes it easier to install them. This is because of several factors. A large fraction of the green composite materials which are going to be installed can be prefabricated. Additionally, they are lighter and this means that they require less man power to install them. Not only will you spend less time in installation of these materials, you will also spend less on manpower to install green building materials. Therefore, installation of green composite materials are more efficient in terms of time , effort and money spent in installation. Some of the green composite materials are so easy to install, that they can be installed by a normal person as a DIY project.


Maintenance and repairs
One of the biggest problems associated with conventional building materials over the ages, has been the difficulty associated with dealing with repairs and maintenance. Steel structures and other conventional building materials are hard to maintain and repair. Green composite materials on the other hand, are more efficient in terms of maintenance and repairs. It is true however, that longevity of conventional materials is more then composite materials, but however the cost to replace damaged parts is cheaper for composite materials.


Environmental performance
Using green materials, and green composite materials is good for not just the built environment, but also for the internal environment of the building and its residents. Using green building materials makes your building more sustainable. It is more cost efficient. It is easier to install, and maintain. It requires less energy to fabricate them. It uses recycled products and ensures that the environmental waste is reduced. Furthermore, it is better for internal environmental as the air quality inside the building is also better and there are less health issues associated with green composite materials. Due to all these reasons, the green building rating of your building will increase as compared to using conventional materials.


Green composite building materials can be disposed more effectively as compared to conventional materials which require a lot of energy and capital to dispose off. Disposal of conventional materials cause a lot to accumulation in landfills, and a lot of environmental impact upon disposal. There are ways to effectively dispose green building materials as well, but they are expensive. However, very less energy and environmental impact is associated with usage of green building composite materials. They are predominantly made of environmental friendly materials which can be processed and are biodegrade and do not require too much treatment before effectively disposing them. Some of the materials can be reused too.


Using green composite materials is not only better for the environment, but also for increasing the aesthetic appeal of the building. Green composite materials give the building a more classy look and it gives a break from the usual ‘concrete jungle’ vibe of most cities.


Therefore using Green composite building materials results in a a lot of benefits!

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