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Product certification, in today’s day and age, has become a prime factor for deciding if a product is worth investing in. Why is this? What makes certification so prime and important?

Product certification is an indication of a product’s suitability to be distributed to the masses safely, guaranteeing that whatever’s in the labels are real. The product is subjected to various tests and the results are produced in the form of a test report. The report is analysed against the standard of the certification, and it is either deemed fit to be given the certification, or it rejected.  It is a way of assuring that the product is ‘good enough’ and it meets the necessary standards to be deemed so. The reason why certifications are so important is because they gave us a way to analyse the product before buying them. We get to know a quality report from these certifications that tell us that the product is of good quality.


Product certification is equally important for the producer and the consumer. For a consumer, the product certification is a way of ensuring that the product is fit for investing and utilising, therefore it is a stamp of approval which helps a consumer make an informed decision. On the other hand, for the consumer, it is important to have their product certified as this helps them stay on top of their game, as compared to their counterparts who do not have certified products. Therefore, product certification is a way for both consumers and producers to benefit from.


What happens if you choose to buy a product that is not certified?
A certified product means higher investment in the initial stage, or higher capital investment for the product that you are purchasing. But, that’s the interesting thing about investing in a certified product. You invest in the capital stage, and then you spend almost nothing for the maintenance and repair of the product. This is because if a product has been qualified to be given the certification, it means that it has gone through several tests and it is of good quality. This means that it has good durability and a good life cycle period. It means that you don’t have to invest too much in maintaining it or repairing it.

But on the other hand, if you buy a product that is cheaper to invest in the initial stage, that is, it has a lower capital investment, and is not certified, you will have to spend quite a lot on maintenance and repairs. The thing about spending more on maintenance and repairs is that not only money is spent, there are other factors to be involved like the inconvenience caused, the time taken for repairs and such.

So, it is wiser to invest in the initial stage and get a good quality product than buy a product of lower quality and then struggle with repairs and maintenance issues.

Why is certification important for green materials?
If you have been keeping up with our blog series on Green Materials, you know that these products are predominantly generated from recycled products. This means that unless you have a certified product, you have no idea about the quality of the product that was recycled, the process of recycling and processing. Having a certification for green products is of prime value and importance because then you know that the product you purchased is of good quality and is a good replacement for a conventional material.

Furthermore, there are other important standards that a product must meet in order to get green building material status like the LEED certification and such, which add further benefit by increasing your green building rating.

So, therefore product certification is an important aspect to keep in mind when buying a product, especially a green building material. We at Straton Group, realise this and that is why all our products are certified by various esteemed certifications. Want to see our certifications? Click here.

Want to see a list of our certified products? Click here.

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Sustainability in Architecture & Design is the way forward and we at Straton realize this vision by collaboratively engineering  Exterior and Interior finishing products and solutions in India for the building industry specifically enhancing green building ratings (LEED/IGBC) by the use of eco-friendly/green building materials that promote efficiency and endure unswerving growth.Click here to know more. 

Always remember, Sustainability is the only way forward!

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